InboxAce™ provides these features and web search on your Chrome New Tab More info.

The InboxAce™ extension offers convenient web search, homepage, and default search. More info.

Features &   Benefits?

Flip to any webmail Account instantly

Review all messages from your browser

Get instant alerts to see how many emails you have waiting. It takes just a single click to check email, compose and reply, and more

Look up any email address around the globe.

Get information based on Email lookup results

Searching People and Public Information Search Engine can be used on our Toolbar.

Check your weather forecast easily.

Take your Toolbar with you and check weather forecast anytime.

Check weather forecast on your designated area single click only.

Stay in touch with your social networks at all times.

Get an alert whenever new updates occured.

With a single click of a button on your Toolbar instantly check status on your favorite social media.

InboxAce™: Get More from Your Email

Email is a powerful tool for communication and business, but only when messages reach you when they need to. Whether it's an invite to a last-minute party, a hot stock tip, or a time-sensitive interview, catching an email in time is very important. Imagine if you could access all of your email boxes at once without needing to navigate to individual pages - if you could access any of your inboxes with a single click. Now you can, with the powerful InboxAce™ Toolbar.

Free and Flexible

The InboxAce™ Toolbar doesn't require any registration and is actually free to download, making it a much better alternative to expensive email management programs. Once installed, the Toolbar sits at the top of your browser window and provides you with quick click buttons for Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and AOL inboxes. This range ensures that you can access all of your email inboxes, rather than being confined to those on a single service. You'll recieve helpful alerts every time you receive a new email, keeping you in touch and on time as you browse.

Accessible Appeal

A built-in Toolbar search box enables you to find the answers and websites you need without needing to navigate to a search page, and a link to Facebook keeps you connected with your friends. InboxAce™ works on both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers and is free to download and use. This powerful free email alert Toolbar will revolutionize the way you use email and help keep your communication efficient.

Catch up all updates easily.

If you hate the sinking feeling you get when you find out you missed a weekend party, or responding to business opportunities only to find you're too late, it's time to make a change. Download the free InboxAce™ Toolbar with search, email lookup, inbox alerts and social networking features now and start living your life in real time!

The InboxAce™ extension offers convenient web search, homepage, and default search. More info.